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579-Camelphat and Elderbrook-Cola.

2017-Number 18 single.

Best Bit-At 3.24. The ‘Cola’ companies must have spent millions on purchasing ‘Pop’ songs to use in their advertisements down the years, but they haven’t used the best one yet.

‘Camelphat’ is the stage name of the British ‘Dance Music’ producers Dave Whelan, and Mike Di Scala who formed in Liverpool, England in 2004. Prior to joining forces Mike Di Scala had tasted chart success with ‘Resonance Q,’ with the Number 29 single ‘Someday,’ in 2003, and also as a member of ‘Ultrabeat,’ who had five top 40 singles, including the 2003 Number 2 song ‘Pretty Green Eyes.’

As a duo Whelan and Di Scala released music, and remixed for others using several different stage names, including ‘Pawn Shop,’ and ‘Wheels Disco,’ until settling upon ‘Camelphat’ in 2010, although they still recorded under different aliases until 2017.To date they have achieved three top 40 singles, and their debut Album ‘Dark Matter,’ which came out in 2020, includes all three chart singles.

‘Cola’ features the vocals of Alexander Kotz, who originates from London, England, and goes by the stage name of ‘Elderbrook’. As well as being a singer, he is also a songwriter, and music producer.It was Elderbrook who provided the official remix for Clan Bandit’s ‘Rockabye,’ which was the Christmas Number 1 single of 2016.

‘Cola’ was co-written by Camelphat, and Elderbrook, who provided the lyrics. There has always been controversy surrounding the songs actual meaning, with some interpreting the song as being about a female who has had her drink spiked, but Elderbrook has said it is about a girl who has too many drinks before going out for the night, and then being refused entry into a club.

‘It’s getting late now, hey now, enough of the arguments. She sips a Coca Cola, she can’t tell the difference yet.’