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674-Billy Ocean-Love Really Hurts Without You.

1976-Number 2 single.

Best Bit-At 0.43. If your a wedding DJ, and you play this, and your crowd still wont dance, then it’s not your fault.

Billy Ocean was born Leslie Sebastian Charles on January 21st, 1950, in Fyzabad, Trinidad and Tobago, he moved with his family to Romford, England, at the age of 10. He took his stage name ‘Ocean’ from a local football team in his home town of Trinidad and Tobago, who called themselves ‘Oceans 11.’

Before finding success with ‘Love Really Hurts Without You,’ he had struggled for many years, recording as Les Charles, and Scorched Earth. This song was his 10th attempt at getting a hit, and he has been quoted as considering himself,’The most surprised person in the world,’ as he was on the verge of giving up the music business.

‘Love Really Hurts Without You’ in it’s original form had been written many years earlier by Ocean when he was working at a ‘fashion house’ on Savile Row, London, as a pattern cutter. A co-worker was selling her piano, and Ocean bought it to compose on, for the princely sum of £23.Ocean has said that the song was inspired by the Donny Elbert 1972 re-make of the Four Tops Motown track ‘I Can’t Help Myself.’Billy Ocean had a further three top 40 UK hits in the 1970’s,co-written with his producer Ben Findon, but he would have to wait until 1984 for international success, when ‘Caribbean Queen’ gave him the first of his three Billboard Number 1’s. In the UK he topped the chart in 1986 with ‘When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going,’ which again topped the chart in 1999 when Boyzone covered it for ‘Comic Relief.’ Billy Ocean has released 11 studio Albums to date, the first which includes this song was his self titled ‘Billy Ocean’ in 1976, and the latest was ‘One World’ in September 2020.

‘You run around town like a fool, and you think that it’s groovy.’