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1978-Number 14 single.

Best Bit-At 3.29. Undoubtedly one of the Funkiest songs in the world ever, if not even the…Galaxy.

In 1962 Howard E Scott, and Harold Brown formed a group called ‘The Creators’ in Long Beach, California, United States, further musicians, Charles Miller (1939-1980,) Morris ‘B B’ Dickerson, Lonnie Jordan, Lee Oskar, and Thomas ‘Papa Dee’ Allen, would later join, and in 1968 they changed their name to ‘Nightshift.’

In 1969 songwriter, and producer Jerry Goldstein (‘My Boyfriends Back,”Hang on Sloopy,”I Want Candy,’) saw the band performing, and recommended them to singer Eric Burdon (see also best songs 851.) Goldstein changed their name to ‘Eric Burdon and War,’ Burdon would be a member from 1969-1971, together they released two studio Albums, and the Billboard Number 3 single,’Spill the Wine.’

‘Galaxy’ is taken from the bands 10th studio Album of the same name, and was released in 1977, the song is possibly influenced by the film ‘Star Wars’ also released that year.Drummer Harold Brown explained,’We were just in the ‘ABC’ studios, we just laid that track down. We were standing listening to the playback, and I said,’Take me to your place in space.’ That was the start of the song, then we started writing it.”’

Take me to your place in space, I’m sick and tired of the rat race.’

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757-Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps-Be-Bop-a-Lula.

1956-Number 16 single.

Best Bit-At 1.48.’White face, black shirt, white socks, black shoes, black hair, white strat, bled white, died black.’

‘Be-Bop-a-Lula’ is considered to be an early example of ‘Rockabilly’ music. Rockabilly is one of the earliest styles of Rock ‘N Roll music, dating back to the early 1950’s in the United States, especially in the South.As a genre it blends the sound of Country music, with Rhythm and Blues, the term ‘Rockabilly’ derives from Rock and Roll, and ‘Hillbilly,’ a term used to describe Country music in the 1940’s, and 1950’s.

There are several different versions as to who wrote the song, and where the idea came from, probably all drummed up for publicity, but Gene Vincent has claimed that he wrote the words, inspired by the comic strip in the 1935 American magazine ‘The Saturday Evening Post.’Official songwriting credit is given to Vincent, and his manager at the time Bill ‘Sheriff Tex’ Davis.

In 1956 ‘Capitol Records’ were looking for a young singer to rival Elvis Presley.’Be-Bop-a-Lula’ was released in June 1956, and by April 1957 had sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

Gene Vincent was born Vincent Eugene Craddock on May 26th, 1935, in Norfolk, Virginia, United States, over the course of his short life, he lived up to his bad boy image, having several altercations with fire arms, and suffering from drug, and alcohol abuse.In 1955 he was involved in a car accident, which left his left leg shattered, giving him pain for the rest of his life. On April 16th, 1960, Vincent was a passenger in the car that accident that killed fellow Rock ‘N Roll star Eddie Cochran (see also best songs 422 and 50.) Vincent broke his ribs, and collarbone, and further damaged his weakened leg, he died at the age of 36, on October 12th, 1971, from a ruptured stomach ulcer.

‘Well she’s the gal in the red blue jeans, she’s the queen of all the teens.’

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758-Oasis-Champagne Supernova.

1996-Has never been released as a single in the UK.

Best Bit-At 5.46.Noel Gallagher would be the first to admit that some of his songs could be a little on the long side, but I wish this one could go on even longer.

In 2009 Noel Gallagher said,’This writer was going on about the lyrics to ‘Champagne Supernova,’ and he said,’You know, the one thing that’s stopping it being a classic is the ridiculous lyrics,’ quoting,’Slowly walking down the hall, faster than a cannonball,’what’s that mean?”And I went,’ I don’t know, but are you telling me when you’ve got 60,000 people singing it, they don’t know what it means? It means something different to every one of them.’

As for the songs actual meaning Gallagher has also said,’I have still not made my mind up as to what the song is actually about. It means different things when I’m in different moods.’The line ‘Where were you when we were getting high,’ is something that the band used to say to each other, as a joke.’

‘Champagne Supernova’ is the final track on Oasis’ most critically acclaimed Album ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory,’ it is the best selling Album of the 1990’s, and the third best selling studio Album in the UK of all time (see also best songs 1006 and 15.) Oasis were joined by Paul Weller on this track, who played lead guitar, and also sang backing vocals.

‘How many special people change?How many lives are livin’ strange? Where were you while we were getting high?

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759-Lou Preager and His Orchestra-with vocal’s by Paul Rich.-Cruising Down the River.

1946- Has never charted in the UK, there was no official music chart until 1952.

Best Bit-At 1.23.In the olden days before Sunday trading laws were relaxed,this is how you would spend your Sunday afternoon.

In the 1930’s, and 1940’s the real pop stars were the bandleaders, and they would often hire vocalists, sometimes on long contracts, to work exclusively for them.In 1945 the BBC launched a public songwriting competition, as part of the radio show hosted by Lou Preager (1906-1978,) it was known as ‘Write a Tune for £1000,’ the format proved very popular, and was repeated in 1947, and 1950. The winners in 1945 were two middle aged women called Eily Beadell, and Nelly Tollerton, Beadell had written the lyrics back in the 1920’s, with the melody originally composed by music hall performer Ena Dayne, but as she could not read music, it was transcribed by Tollerton.

‘Cruising Down the River’ proved a great success, the first recording by Lou Preager and His Orchestra, with vocals by Paul Rich (1921-2000,) became one of the most popular songs of 1946, in terms of record, and sheet music sales.In America the song proved just as popular with Blue Barron (1913-2005,) taking his version to Number 1 in January 1949, closely followed in February by Russ Morgan (1904-1969,) who took his recording to Number 1 as well.Other notable versions are by Connie Francis, from 1959, and Dick Haymes (1918-1980,) who sang the song in the 1953 film ‘Cruisin’ Down the River.’

‘Just two of us together, we’ll plan a honeymoon, cruising down the river on a Sunday afternoon.’

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760-Fatboy Slim and Riva Starr featuring Beardyman-Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat.

2013-Number 3 single.

Best Bit-At 1.29.Ground Hog Day.

Fatboy Slim was born Quentin Leo Cook on 31st July, 1963, in Bromley, London, England (see also best songs 387 and 95.) As Fatboy Slim he has had 12 top 40 singles, when this song reached Number 3 in 2013, it was his first top 40 hit in seven years, and his first top 10 song in 12 years.

‘Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat’ was co-written by Fatboy Slim, Riva Starr, and Beardyman, with the former two also producing. Riva Starr was born Stefano Miele in Naples, Italy, in 1974, as well as releasing his own music he also owns the ‘Snatch!’ record label. Beardyman was born Darren Foreman on May 14th, 1982, in Stanmore, North London, England, he is a musician, comedian, and is probably best known for his ‘Beatboxing’ skills, having been UK Beatbox champion in 2006, and 2007.It is said that Beardyman recorded his improvised vocals in one take. The song became a hit after being remixed by Scottish music producer Calvin Harris (see also best songs 652 and 566.)

Fatboy Slim has explained how the song came about,’Me and Riva were out vinyl shopping in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, earlier this year when we met this dude ranting in the street about some three day bender he had been on.’

‘So there was this DJ who was like kicking off. I don’t know what he was doing, but it was sick man, like, he was like, hands in the air.’

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761-Randy Edelman-Concrete and Clay.

1976-Number 11 single.

Best Bit-At 2.21.Randy Edelman has written a colossal amount of original music, and what do I do? I choose a cover version.

Randy Edelman was born June 10th, 1947, in Paterson, New Jersey, United States.He has released 14 solo studio Albums, and written songs recorded by the likes of The Carpenters, Barry Manilow, and Dionne Warwick, but his greatest success’ have come with his film scores, which include ‘XXX,’ ‘Ghostbusters 2,’ ‘Kindergarten Cop,’and ‘The Last of the Mohicans.’He has been married to singer/songwriter Jackie DeShannon since 1976 (see also best songs 573.)

‘Concrete and Clay’ was written by Tommy Moeller, and Brian Parker (1940-2001) who were two of the members of the band Unit 4 +2, who were formed in Hertfordshire, England in 1963, they split in 1970. They were originally known as Unit 4, until joined by Russ Ballard, and Bob Henrit, who became the ‘Plus 2.’ Henrit would leave with Ballard in 1968 to form the rock band ‘Argent.’ Before joining Unit 4 they had worked together in the band the ‘Roulettes,’ who had enjoyed success as the backing band for Adam Faith.

‘Concrete and Clay’ gave Unit 4 + 2 a UK Number 1 in 1965, but in America they had to compete with a version by Eddie Rambeau, which split the sales, Unit 4 + 2 peaked at Number 28 on Billboard, and Rambeau’s cover at Number 35.

‘You to me are sweet as roses in the morning,and you to me are soft as summer rain at dawn.’

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762-Them-Here Comes the Night.

1965-Number 2 single.

Best Bit-At 0.26. ‘Them’ recorded the song first, but Decca Records chose to release the version by label mate Lulu instead, leaving the band bitterly disappointed. It has been said that when Lulu’s version only reached Number 50, the band had a ‘certain grim satisfaction.’

‘Here Comes the Night’ was written by the American songwriter/producer Bert Berns, who died of heart failure in 1967, at the age of 38, having had a history of cardiac trouble, as a result of his heart being damaged from contacting rheumatic fever during childhood. Other songs he either wrote, or produced include,’Twist and Shout,’ ‘Everybody Needs Somebody to Love,”Brown Eyed Girl,’ and ‘Under the Boardwalk.’ (see also best songs 568.)

‘Them’ were formed in Belfast, Northern Island in 1964 by Van Morrison, Ronnie Millings, Billy Harrison, Alan Henderson, and Eric Wrixon (1947-2015.) they took their name from the 1954 science fiction horror film,’Them.’ the band were active as a unit for two years,greatly influencing future artists, such as the Doors. Lead singer Sir George Ivan ‘Van’ Morrison would go on to even greater success as a solo artist, he has released 41 studio Albums to date, the latest being ‘Three Chords & the Truth,’ in 2019.

‘She’s with him, he’s turning down the lights, and now he’s holding her the way I used to do.’

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763-Simply Red-Fairground.

1995-Number 1 single.

Best Bit-At 1.15.After years of waiting to find a Simply Red song that could fill a dance-floor, along came ‘Fairground,’ as long as you could dance ‘Latin American.’

Simply Red were formed in Manchester, England in 1985. They initially called themselves ‘Red’ which was Mick Hucknall’s nickname, but Hucknall decided it would sound better with the addition of the word ‘Simply.’By 1996 Hucknall was the only remaining original member, and in 2010, he chose to retire the groups name, but when past members got together in 2015 for the bands 30th anniversary, the name was reintroduced.

‘Fairground’ heavily samples the 1992 Latin House song ‘Give It Up'(1993 UK Number 5 single) by the Dutch music producers calling themselves ‘The Good Men,’ Gaston Steenskist (Dobre,) and Rene ter Horst (DJ Zki,) who in turn had sampled the song ‘Fanfarra,’ a mid 1960’s recording from the Brazilian artist Sergio Mendes. All three artists receive songwriting credits, alongside Mick Hucknall, who acknowledges ‘The Good Men,’ in the songs lyrics.

‘Fairground’ is a song about missing that special someone. The narrator is having a good time with friends, but wants to let that person know he is thinking of them, and can’t wait until they meet again.

It’s always friends that feel so good, lets make amends like all good men should.’

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764-Stereophonics-Local Boy in the Photograph.

1997-Number 51 single. When reissued in 1998 it peaked at Number 14.

Best Bit-At 1.28. Stereophonics are a Welsh band from the village of Cwmaman, as far as I know they are ‘the only band in the village.’

Stereophonics (see also best songs 38) were formed in 1992 by Kelly Jones (lead vocals, lead guitar, keyboards,) Stuart Cable (1970-2010) (drums,) and Richard Jones (bass guitar.) Kelly Jones, and Stuart Cable had lived on the same street as children, and played in other groups previously to forming Stereophonics. In 2003 Cable was sacked by the band, with the official statement saying he had other commitments he wanted to pursue, but there was also personnel problems. Cable suffered from drug, and alcohol problems, and on June 7th, 2010 choked to death on his own vomit while sleeping.Between 2004-2012 drumming duties were taken over by Javier Weyler, and when he left the band, current drummer Jamie Morrison took over.

‘Local Boy in the Photograph’ was the bands first single, taken from their debut Album ‘Word Gets Round,’all of the lyrics for the 12 tracks were written by Kelly Jones, with the music by Stereophonics. Most of the Album’s songs were about Jones’ personal experiences while growing up in Cwmaman.

This song originated from a newspaper article about a local boy called Paul Boggis who committed suicide by standing in front of a moving train. Kelly Jones had known him from their youth, and it affected him.Kelly has said of the song,’It was more about celebrating his life, than his death.’

‘He’ll always be twenty three, yet the train runs on and on, past the place they found his clothing.

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765-The Stylistics-You Make me Feel Brand New.

1974-Number 2 single.

Best Bit-At 1.30.Buy one, get one free.

The only hit of The Stylistics to feature two lead vocalists, the magical falsetto of Russell Thompkins Jr., and a rare outing for the baritone of Airrion Love.The Stylistics were formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,United States in 1968 by the coming together of two local bands, ‘The Percussions,’ from where came James Dunn, and Herb Murrell, and ‘The Monarchs,’ from where came Russell Thompkins Jr., James Smith, and Airrion Love.They are still active, with Love, and Murrell remaining from the original line up.

The Stylistics were initially signed to the Avco Record label, where they were assigned to songwriter/producer Thom Bell, who together with Linda Creed (1948-1986) (see also best songs 183) would write many of their early hits including ‘Betcha by Golly Wow,’ and ‘Rockin’ Roll Baby.’Linda Creed who had been diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26, and died at 37,is best remembered for writing the lyrics to ‘The Greatest Love of All,’ originally recorded by George Benson, but made famous by Whitney Houston, it is based loosely on her own life experiences. Thom Bell had previously worked with fellow Philadelphia Soul band The Delfonics, and would go on to great success with The Detroit Spinners.

When Avco records transitioned in to ‘H&L Records’,they worked with Van McCoy (see also best songs 690,) and the songwriters Hugo Peretti (1916-1986,) Luigi Creatore (1921-2015,) (see also best songs 194) achieving their only UK Number 1 single ‘Can’t Give You Anything (But My Love,’) in 1975.

‘Precious friend, with you I’ll always have a friend, you’re someone who I can depend.’