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908-Guy Marks-Loving You Has Made Me Bananas.

1978-Number 25 single.

Best Bit-At 0.58.The greatest compliment I can pay to this song, is to say it is just as good as the ‘Big Band’ songs from the 1930’s, and 1940’s, that it is ‘taking the mickey’ out of.

If you didn’t know that this song was a ‘spoof,’ and was actually written in 1968, then you could be forgiven for thinking it was a ’78’ vinyl pressing, from some 40 years earlier.

Guy Marks was born Mario Scarpa, 31st October, 1923 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.,he died, 28th November, 1987.

During his career he was a very successful impersonator, comedian,actor,and singer, appearing alongside all the big American stars of the day, including many appearances on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’, and ‘The Joey Bishop Show’, where he was a regular.As part of his night club act, Marks would do a routine where he would mimic a local radio broadcaster from the 1930’s era, and then go in to a routine where he would parody the singer of a big band. In 1968 Marks released an Album called ‘Loving You Has Made Me Bananas,’ from where this song, when re-issued in 1978 in the UK became a hit.To promote the song, Guy Marks appeared on ‘Top Of The Pops,’ providing a refreshing change of someone actually singing live, and not miming.

‘Oh, your red scarf matches your eyes, you closed your cover before striking, father had the shipfitter blues, and loving you has made me bananas.

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909-David Guetta and Chris Willis featuring Fergie and LMFAO-Gettin’ Over You.

2010-Number 1 single.

Best Bit-At 1.13. Turn up that Guetta Blaster!

‘Gettin’ Over You’ in it’s original form was called ‘Gettin’ Over,’ and featured on David Guetta’s forth studio Album ‘One Love, from 2009, the original version just featured the vocals of Chris Willis.

David Guetta (see also best songs 260) had produced the Black Eyed Peas 2009 Number 1 song ‘I Got A Feeling’ (see also best songs 899 and 234,) and Will.i am wanted to include this song on their Album ‘The E.N.D.,’ but Guetta wanted to use it himself. Fergie was also very keen on the song, and a compromise was reached, where the song would be re-recorded for Guetta’s deluxe edition of ‘One Love,’ to be called ‘One More Love,’ released in 2010, with vocals provided by Fergie, Chris Willis, and Red Foo, and Sky Blu, of LMFAO (see also best songs 63.)

Chris Willis has said,’It was really, really incredible. I was really intimidated because I was familiar with the Black Eyed Peas. There was Fergie right there, in all of her glory, singing and being a diva.’ LMFAO’s Redfoo also commented,’ The concept is, you’re in love with a girl, and then you guys separate, she’s probably with Lil Jon, or somebody, so I’m gonna party till you come get me.’

‘People in the place, if you’ve ever felt love, then you know, yeah you know, what I’m talking about.’

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910-Peter Sarstedt-Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)?

1969-Number 1 single.

Best Bit-At 2.31.First of all lets get the important bit out of the way,The ‘Topless Swimsuit,’ consisting of only a brief, close fitting bottom, and two thin straps, was conceived by the Austrian fashion designer Rudi Gernreich, in 1964.

Peter Sarstedt was born 10th December, 1941, in Delhi, British India, but moved to the UK with his family in 1954, he died of a degenerative brain disease in 2017.

Sarstedt was the brother of teen idol, Eden Kane (see also best songs 997,) who had a UK Number 1 in 1961, with ‘Well I Ask You,’ Another brother, Robin Sarstedt also charted in the UK with his cover of the Hoagy Carmichael song,’My Resistance Is Low,’ which reached Number three in 1976. This makes the brothers the only three siblings to have had solo hits in UK chart history.

‘Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)?’ is a song about a fictional girl called Marie-Claire who grew up in the poverty stricken back streets of Naples, who becomes a member of the ‘Jet Set,’ and goes to live in Paris. Sarstedt has said that the song is not about one particular person, but was inspired by his future wife, Anita Atke.

In 1997 Sarstedt wrote a sequel to the song called, ‘Last of the Breed,’ this song can be found on his Album ‘England’s Lane.’There were plans for a third and final instalment, but because of ill health, Starstedt never got around to completing it.

‘He sent you a racehorse for Christmas, and you keep it just for fun, for a laugh, ha ha.’

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911-Stargard-”Theme Song from ‘Which Way Is Up.”

1977-Number 19 single.

Best Bit-At 5.22.On the Richter scale of Funky music, this one has a seismographic oscillation of 8.9.,and I’m not exaggerating.

Stargard were an American R&B, Funk, and Soul girl group, originally consisting of Rochelle Runnells, Debra Anderson, and Janice Williams, they were similar in appearance to the Disco group ‘Labelle,’ and could possibly be described as a more raunchy ‘Pointer Sisters.’They were active between 1977-1982,recording five studio Albums, and releasing 10 singles. In the UK their 1978 song,’What You Waitin’ For,’ gave them a second hit when reaching Number 39.

‘Theme Song from ‘Which Way Is Up,”’ was written by the legendary Norman Whitfield (1940-2008,) for the 1977 movie,’Which Way Is Up?’ starring Richard Pryor, the song would also appear on the girls self titled debut Album, on which Whitfield also wrote the song ‘The Force.’

When the band became a duo in 1980, after Debra Anderson had left the group, they released their forth studio Album, ‘Back 2 Back’, which was also produced by Norman Whitfield (see also best songs 777-569-533-480-346 and 233.)

‘I had a little trouble in the home town, things got Funky so I had to leave.’

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912-Weezer-Buddy Holly.

1994-Number 12 single.

Best Bit-At 2.21.Happy Days was set in the 1950’s, it was a very popular show in the 1970’s.

Weezer recorded this song in the 1990’s, and you are listening to it in the 2020’s.Weezer were formed in 1992 in Los Angeles, California, U.S. by Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Brian Bell, and Scott Shriner, they took their name from what Rivers Cuomo’s father called him as a child, in jest.The songs video is one of the most popular to ever air on MTV, set in the 1950’s, in the diner used in the ‘Happy Days’ television sit-com, and using some very clever editing, to make it look like the band are playing to the original cast.

‘Buddy Holly’ was written by Rivers Cuomo, and is loosely based on his real life experiences. Cuomo had a girlfriend (possibly only platonic,) that his friends teased him about, because she was Asian. In the song Cuomo is saying he will always stand by her, he is Buddy Holly, and she is Mary Tyler Moore.

Why were these two iconic names chosen to represent this songs subject? Buddy Holly(1936-1959,) had married Maria Santiago, and there were some who disapproved of the marriage, and Mary Tyler Moore (1936-2017,) has been described as having an ‘Outwardly bubbly personality, and trademark broad toothy smile, that disguised an inner fragility.

‘The song ‘Buddy Holly’ was originally released on September 7th, 1994, on what would have been Buddy Holly’s 58th birthday.

‘What’s with these homies dissin’ my girl, why do they gotta front?’

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913-Dexys Midnight Runners-Come On Eileen.

1982-Number 1 single.Best Bit-At 3.32. You must have to have a lot of patience, if you are a lady called Eileen, because every time some joker thinks that they are the first to shout at you, ‘Come On Eileen,’ you have either got to smile, or laugh, and remain polite.

Dexys Midnight Runners (see also best songs 104,) were formed in Birmingham, England in 1978 by Kevin Rowland, and Kevin Archer, there have been many lineup changes over the years, with Rowland being the only constant.

‘Come On Eileen’ is the only major hit in America for the band, where they are regarded as one hit wonders, where as here in the UK, the song gave them their second chart topper after 1980’s Geno. The rumour is that the song is based on Kevin Rowland’s first sexual encounter with a childhood friend called Eileen, but there was probably no Eileen. In fact Eileen is a metaphor about Rowland’s Catholic upbringing, and it’s views on sexual relationships.

Some versions of the song open with a Celtic fiddle solo, this is based on Thomas Moore’s Irish Folk song ‘Believe Me, if All Those Endearing Young Charms.’ written originally in 1808. The songs chorus ‘Come On Eileen’ is said to be loosely based on the Northern Soul song ‘A Man Like Me,’ by Jimmy James and The Vagabonds. Kevin Rowland was very much influenced by Soul Music of the 1960’s. The songs opening line, ‘Poor old Johnny Ray,’ is probably a way of Rowland telling us that he wont be repressed, as the previous generation were. Johnny Ray was a very big star for a short while in the early 1950’s, before suffering from alcoholism,

‘Poor old Johnny Ray sounded sad upon the radio,he moved a million hearts in mono, our mothers cried.’

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914-Andy Williams-Music to Watch Girls By.

1967-Number 33 single.When re-released in 1999, it peaked at Number 9.

Best Bit-At 1.09.There’s only one thing better than listening to ‘Girls Go By,’ and that’s ‘Watching Girls Go By.’

‘Music to Watch Girls By’ was originally written as a jingle by Sid Ramin (1919-2019,) to promote ‘Diet Pepsi,’ in a television commercial. On hearing it legendary songwriter Bob Crewe (1930-2014,) (see also best songs 1007-863-739-499-393-284-164-112 and 83,) recorded his own interpretation of the jingles music, and took the song to Number 15 on Billboard, in 1966.

The American easy listening artist Andy Williams (1927-2012,) (see also best songs 112,) recorded his version, with lyrics written by Tony Velona (1920-1986,) for his 1967 Album ‘Born Free, the song peaked at Number 34 on Billboard.The song became very popular for Williams, after a specially choreographed performance was broadcast on his ‘Andy Williams Show,’ which aired between 1962-1971. In 1999 things came full circle when the song was once again used in a television advert. This time as a promotion for ‘Fiat’ cars, Andy Williams version fared a lot better second time around, by reaching Number nine in the UK.

‘The boys watch the girls, while the girls watch the boys, who watch the girls go by.’

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915-M.I.A.-Paper Planes.

2007- Did not chart in the UK until 2009, when reaching Number 19.

Best Bit-At 0.56.The sound of gun fire frightens me. but the sound of tills cashing, gets me excited.

‘Paper Planes’ is a critically acclaimed song, taken from M.I.A.’s second studio Album,’Kala,’ from 2007, music critics have lauded the song for bringing ‘unconventional subject matter’ in to the world of Hip-Hop, and Dance Music.

M.I.A. was born Mathangi Arulpragasam, in London, England, on July 18th, 1977, her father Arul Pragasam (1948-2019,) was a Tamil activist, and former revolutionary.

‘Paper Planes’ is an attack on those who stereotype illegal immigrants, claiming that it is not true that they all want to harm you, and take all your jobs. It also satirises American perceptions of visa seeking foreigners, and immigrants from Third World nations.

The song was co-written by M.I.A. and her then partner ‘Diplo’ (see also best songs 210,) who also produced the track. The song samples ‘Straight to Hell,’ by the Clash, and they are also credited as co-writers. It has also been pointed out that the chorus sounds similar to the 1992 song, ‘Rump Shaker,’ by Wreckx-N-Effect’s.

‘I fly like paper, get high like planes, if you catch me at the border, I got visas in my name.’

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916-Earth, Wind & Fire-September.

1978-Number 3 single.

Best Bit-At 0.12.’Ba duda, ba duda,ba duda, badu.’ The songs writer Maurice White said,’Never let the lyric, get in the way of the groove.

‘Earth, Wind & Fire were formed in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., in 1969, by Maurice White (1941-2016,) from the remains of his previous band, ‘Salty Peppers.’ His first studio work was as a session musician at Chess Records, where he played drums on some of their biggest hits, including, ‘Rescue Me,’ for Fontella Bass, and ‘Higher and Higher,’ for Jackie Wilson.’ In 1966 he joined the Ramsey Lewis Trio, where he notably played the drums on ‘Wade in the Water’ (see also best songs 525.)

White co-wrote ‘September’ with fellow band member Al McKay, and Allee Willis (1947-2019,) who had been recommended to White by his brother Vernon. Allee Willis was a prolific songwriter, working with many different artists, she went on to co-write ‘Boogie Wonderland’ (see also best songs 462,) and ‘I’ll Be There For You,’ which was used as the theme song for the sitcom ‘Friends,’

Even though ‘September’ was a massive hit when initially released, I think it is fair to say it has become more and more popular through the years. In 1999 a remix by Phats and Small, took the song back in to the chart, reaching Number 25. and in 2016 EW&F re-recorded the song, with Anna Kendrick, and Justin Timberlake, for the film ‘Trolls.’

‘Do you remember the 21st night of September, love was changing the minds of pretenders.’

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917-The Killers-Mr. Brightside.

2004-Number 10 single.

Best Bit-At 1.02.’Always look on the (Mr.) Brightside of life.’

The Killers were formed in 2002, in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, when Brandon Flowers answered an ad placed by Dave Keuning, the lineup was complete when bassist Mark Stoemer, and drummer Ronnie Vanucci Jr. joined soon after.

‘Mr Brightside’ was the first single released by the band in 2003, from their debut Album,’Hot Fuss.’ When Keuning first met Flowers he already has the music written for the song, and Flowers added the lyrics, based on his own life experience.

He has said,’It’s about an odd girlfriend of mine.All the emotions in the song are real, my wounds from it were still fresh.

‘Mr. Brightside is a song about a man who suspects his significant other is cheating on him, and his thoughts are running riot, as he imagines what she is getting up to with another man. He knows his emotions are a mixture of jealousy and paranoia, but when he comes out the other end, things will look brighter.

Part of the songs structure is very similar to the 1971 song ‘Queen Bitch’ by David Bowie, a song which in turn owes a great debt to Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground.

At the time of writing ‘Mr Brightside’ has spent 210 non consecutive weeks in the UK top 100 singles chart, longer than any other song. One of the explanations for this, is that with it being played at party’s every week, people are continuously downloading it. Amazingly even so it first came out in 2003, it was the 12th best selling song of the decade, 2010-2019.

‘Jealousy, turning saints into the sea, swimming through sick lullabies,;