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To compliment my recently completed ‘1000 BEST SONGS LIST,’ here is another that just missed the cut.

1046-Helen Reddy-Angie Baby.
1975-Number 5 single.
Best Bit-At 0.57.Two stories to capture the imagination,one fact,one fiction.
Angie Baby was written by Alan O’Day(1940-2013,) he is one of a few select artists to have written a Billboard Number 1 single for himself, and also for another artist to perform.He topped the American chart in 1977 with ‘Undercover Angel,’three years after ‘Angie Baby’ had done the same for Helen Reddy.
The rise to fame for Helen Reddy was certainly an eventful one,she married a much older man at the age of 20,they had a child,and divorced soon after.She uprooted to America from her home in Australia, taking her young child with her,seeking a career in show business. In 1968 she married her future manager Jeff Wald, enabling her to stay in the States,she also converted to Judaism,their marriage would last four years.With the guidance of Wald, she became the biggest selling female artist for two years running, and achieved three Billboard Number 1 singles,the other two are ‘I Am Woman,’ and ‘Delta Dawn.’She earned herself the nickname of the ‘Queen of 70’s Pop.’
What is the song ‘Angie Baby’ about? It has certainly captured peoples’ imagination.The song tells the tale of a young girl who is ‘socially retarded,’ and spends her days in her bedroom listening to the radio.One day a man breaks in to her house to cause her harm,but it isn’t her who suffers, because she takes him prisoner to become her slave.People have always mused over whether the man was real or just a figment of Angie’s imagination,the songs writer Alan O’Day left it up to us to make up our own minds.
‘It’s so nice to be insane,no one asks you to explain.’