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The 1000 best songs in the world ever

Posted by: In: Other 21 Jan 2018 Comments: 0

The 1000 best songs in the world ever.
797-AC/DC-Whole Lotta Rosie.
1980-Number 36 single.
Best Bit-At 0.31 The chubby chasers anthem.
The song is about an obese Tasmanian woman with whom the singer Bon Scott had a one night stand at the Freeway Gardens Motel in North Melbourne.In addition to pointing out the woman’s size,Scott finds her to be one of the most talented lovers he as ever experienced.
AC/DC have sold over 200 million records,their 1980 Album Back In Black has sold over 50 million copies making it the second highest selling Album of all time.

Wanna tell you a story ‘Bout a woman I know When it comes to lovin’ Oh she steals the show She ain’t exactly pretty Ain’t exactly small Forty-two, thirty-nin…

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