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317-Justin Timberlake-Can’t Stop the Feeling!

2016-Number 2 single.

Best Bit-At 0.59. You may not be familiar with this songs co-writer Max Martin, but after Lennon and McCartney he has written the most Billboard Number 1 singles.

‘Can’t Stop the Feeling!’ was co-written by Max Martin, Shellback, and this songs vocalist Justin Timberlake especially for the DreamWorks Animation film ‘Trolls,’ for which Timberlake was the executive producer of the soundtrack, and also voiced the character ‘Branch’.

Justin Randall Timberlake was born on January 31st, 1981, in Memphis, Tennessee, United States, he is one of the worlds best selling artists, with sales in excess of 88 million. As a child he was a regular in the American television show ‘The All-New Micky Mouse Club,’ before going on to be one of the two lead singers, and youngest member in the 1990’s boy band ‘NSYNC,’ where he first worked with this songs co-writer Max Martin. Timberlake started his solo career in 2002, and has to date released five studio Albums between 2002-2018, and 40 singles, of which 27 have made the Billboard top 40, and five have reached Number 1. In the UK, 25 of his singles have reached the top 40, with four making the Number 1 spot. Justin Timberlake is also an actor, and has to date appeared in 22 films since his debut in ‘Model Behavior’ in 2000.

Max Martin was born Karl Martin Sandberg on February 26th, 1971, in Stockholm, Sweden, unsurprisingly he credits fellow Stockholm band ‘ABBA’ as a major influence (see also best songs 44.) After failing as a singer to make the big breakthrough in the 1980’s, he was employed as a songwriter, and music producer by Denniz PoP (1963-1998) for his record label ‘Cheiron Records,’ it was PoP who gave Max Martin his working name. Max Martin has written, or co-written 25 Billboard Number 1 songs between 1998-2021, with the first being Britney Spears breakthrough hit ‘Baby One More Time,’ (see also best songs 870 and 824.)

The songs other co-writer is Karl Johan Schuster who was born on February 1st, 1985, in Karishamn, Sweden, he is better known by his working name ‘Shellback.’ Having first being introduced to Max Martin at the age of 16, he has become his regular collaborator. Initially ‘Shellback’ had no interest in ‘Pop Music,’ preferring ‘Death Metal,’ the Swedish music magazine ‘Stim-magasinet’ described Shellback’s taste in music as ‘Too cool for school,’ but Martin saw potential in him. Shellback has either written or produced 10 Billboard Number 1 singles to date including ‘Moves Like Jagger’ the 2011 song from Maroon 5, which is currently the best selling song ever in the UK to have not reached Number 1 (see also best songs 373.)

‘Can’t Stop the Feeling!’ was written as a modern day ‘Disco’ song. The narrator tells of the enjoyment he gets while dancing with his partner, whom he obviously finds very attractive. The song was the best selling song of 2016, and has to date sold around 3.5 million copies in America. In the UK, although the song only peaked at Number 2, with sales in excess of one million, it is Justin Timberlake’s best selling song.

‘I got this feelin’ inside my bones, it goes electric wavy when I turn it on. All through my city, all through my home, we’re flyin’ up, no ceilin,’ when we in our zone.’