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1999-Number 6 single.

Best Bit-At 3.34. What does Supergrass lead singer and songwriter Gaz Coombes have in common with Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Liam Gallagher, Liberace, Lemmy, Paul Weller, and Country singer Don Williams? All will be revealed at the end of this article.

Supergrass were formed in Oxford, England, in 1993 by Gaz Coombes, (vocals, and guitar) Danny Goffey, (drums) and Mick Quinn, (bass) they were officially joined by Rob Coombes (keyboards) the older brother of Gaz in 2002, although he had been an unofficial member of the band for the majority of it’s career to that point. Supergrass, started out life as ‘Theodore Supergrass,’ for about two months, until as in the words of Mick Quinn, ‘We realised that Theodore was a bit rubbish so we took that off.’ In total Supergrass have released six studio Albums between 1995-2008, there is also an unfinished Album recorded in 2009 that remains unreleased. They have also issued 26 singles between 1994-2015, of which 15 have reached the UK top 40. The band split in 2010, sighting musical differences, but they did reunite in 2019, to tour, and stated that they will not be recording any new music together.

‘Moving’ was taken from Supergrass’ self titled third studio Album released in September 1999, and was written by Rob Coombes. ‘Moving’ tells the story of how difficult life on the road touring can be, the songs official video is intended to depict the tedium. The passing of time is shown by the change of outfits the band are wearing, and also by the selection of different hotel rooms that they are seen in, the footage is sped up and slowed down to add to that effect.In common with all those other superstars of Pop music, Gaz Coombes also sports ‘side whiskers,’ ‘side burns,’ ‘furry face huggers,’ ‘sidies,’ or even ‘mutton chops.’

‘Got a mow, low feeling around me, and a cold stone feeling inside. I’ve got to find somebody to help me, I keep you in mind.’