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436-Billie Jo Spears-Blanket on the Ground.

1975-Number 6 single.

Best Bit-At 1.11. It seems like a good idea, until you get sent to prison for lewd behaviour.

Billy Jo Spears was born Billie Jo Moore on January 14th, 1937, in Beaumont, Texas, United States, she died of cancer on December 14th, 2011, at the age of 74. She released a total of 18 studio Albums between 1968-1991, and 46 singles from 1953-1991. She is recognised as one of Country Music’s best loved and most successful female artists with 26 of those singles charting on the Billboard Country Music chart. Although none of those songs crossed over to the Pop chart in America she has achieved three UK top 40 singles, with ‘What I’ve Got in Mind’ being the most successful when reaching Number 4 in 1976.Talking of her career Spears once said,’I have no desire to be a Pop artist, I couldn’t go Pop with a mouthful of firecrackers.’

‘Blanket on the Ground’ was the title track from Billie Jo Spears seventh studio Album from 1974, and was written by Roger Bowling, who was born on December 3rd, 1944, in Helton, Leslie County, Kentucky, United States, he committed suicide on December 26th, 1982 at the age of 38, after being diagnosed with terminal cancer a year earlier. Other notable songs written by Bowling include the two UK Number 1 singles for Kenny Rogers,’Lucille’ in 1977, and ‘Coward of the County’ in 1979.

‘Blanket on the Ground’ tells of a couple who have been married for several years and she wishes to put some spark back into their relationship, by doing things that they did when ‘love was young.’

‘Just because we are married don’t mean we can’t slip around, so let’s walk out through the moonlight and lay the blanket on the ground.’