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489-Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine-Sheriff Fatman.

1989-It didn’t chart on initial release, but when reissued in 1991 it made Number 23.

Best Bit-At 3.19. I don’t wish to start a lawsuit, but this bit here sounds awfully like The Waterboys song ‘The Whole of the Moon.'(see also best songs 755.)

Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine, or ‘Carter USM’ as they are also known were formed in 1987 by James Robert Morrison, known as ‘Jim Bob,’ and Leslie George Carter, known as ‘Fruitbat,’ they were active until 1998, but have reformed to perform live between 2007-2014. Prior to first playing together in the ‘Indie Pop’ band ‘Jamie Wednesday’ the duo had both plied their trade in other bands. When Jamie Wednesday disbanded after little success, Morrison, and Carter joined forces.In 1994 they added a drummer called ‘Wez,’ and the trio toured America, Japan, and Europe, and then in 1996,Wez’s brother Steve joined the band on guitar, and Ben Lambert was brought in as the keyboard player. Carter USM released six studio Albums between 1990-1998, including the 1992 ‘The Love Album,’ which reached Number 1 in the UK. They have also achieved 12 UK top 40 singles, with ‘The Only Living Boy In New Cross,’ being the highest charting, when reaching Number 7 in 1992.

‘Sheriff Fatman’ was co-written by Morrison, and Carter, and appears on their debut Album ‘101 Damnations’ from 1990. The song is about ‘Slum Landlords,’ and the way they manipulate their tenants with threats, and violence. There are notorious figures from the past name checked in the song including Nicolas Van Hoogstraten, who is referred to as ‘Nicholas Van what’s his face,’ Hoogstraten is a British businessman who became a convicted criminal over his property dealings.Also mentioned is Peter Rachman (1919-1962) who was a Polish born landlord who operated in Notting Hill, London, in the 1950’s, and 1960’s, he became infamous for his exploitation, and intimidation of his tenants.

‘There’s bats in the belfry, the windows are jammed, the toilets ain’t healthy, he don’t give a damn. Just chuckles and smiles, laughs like a madman,a born again Rachman, here comes Sheriff Fatman.’