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520-Mark Morrison-Return of the Mac.

1996-Number 1 single.

Best Bit-At 1.00. It’s probably what the inmates said to him every time he returned to Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

Mark Morrison was born on May 3rd, 1972, in Hanover, West Germany, both of his parents originated from Barbados. As a child he emigrated to Highfields, Leicester, England, and then to Miami, United States, before returning to Britain at the age of 19.Morrison has been involved in several legal issues, which has hindered the progress of his career. His is considered a ‘one hit wonder’ in America, where this song was his only hit, reaching Number 2 on Billboard in 1997. In the UK he has achieved nine top 40 singles between 1995-1999, and released four studio Albums, the first in 1996, and the latest in 2014.In 2000 Morrison signed a five year worldwide deal with Suge Knight the founder of the American record label ‘Death Row Records,’making him the first, and only British, or European artist to be signed by the label.

‘Return of the Mack’ was written by Mark Morrison, who also produced the song along with Phil Chill, and Cutfather & Joe. To date the song has sold in excess of 3 million copies worldwide, and is currently the 570th best selling song on Billboard since 1958,in the UK it has sold 1.2 million copies, making it one of 178 singles that have sold in excess of 1 million copies. The song features unaccredited vocals from Angie Brown, in the songs video her lyrics are lip-synced by the British model Susana Agrippa. Brown has performed backing vocals for many of the worlds top artists including The Rolling Stones, and Kate Bush. She is a credited co-artist with Bizarre Inc on their 1992 UK Number 3 single ‘I’m Gonna Get You.’ ‘Return of the Mack’ has several samples, although none get any song writing credits. The main sample is taken from the track ‘Genius of Love,’ which was a 1992 single from the Tom Tom Club.’ Other samples that can be heard to a lesser extent include ‘Games’ by Chuckii Booker, which is a 1992 song, and ‘UFO’ from the American band ‘ESG,’ which is a 1980 recording.

‘Return of the Mac’ tells the story of Morrison being rejected by his then girlfriend, but instead of feeling sorry for himself, he turned the experience to his advantage. Morrison has said,’When I wrote that song it was all about my moving from the negative to the positive, and that’s how it turned out.Within the space of a year I went from the lowest point of my life to return as the Mack, and move forward to what’s become the highest point of my life.’

‘You lied to me, all those times I said that I loved you. You lied to me, yes I tried,I tried.’