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583-Limp Bizkit-Rollin.'(Air Raid Vehicle.)

2000-Number 1 single.

Best Bit-At 0.08. At a cost of approximately $3 million, the songs video was filmed around, and on the roof of the World Trade Centre. The day before the twin towers were destroyed the band received a letter from the World Trade Centre thanking them for featuring the towers in the video.

Limp Bizkit were formed in Jacksonville, Florida, United States, in 1994, and were active until 2006, but reformed in 2009. The original lineup consisted of Fred Durst (vocals,) John Otto (drums,) Sam Rivers (bass,) and Rob Waters (guitars.) Waters left in 1995, and was replaced by Wes Borland (guitars,) DJ Lethal (turntables) joined the band after leaving the ‘House of Pain’ (see also best songs 75) in 1996. To date they have released five studio Albums between 1997-2011, with their sixth release ‘Stampede of the Disco Elephants,’ having been promised since 2018. Amazingly they have never achieved a top 40 single on Billboard, with this song being their highest chart placing when reaching Number 65. In the UK they have reached the top 40 on seven occasions, with this song being their most successful.

It was lead singer Fred Durst who named the band Limp Bizkit, because he wanted a name that would repel listeners, he said,’The name is there to turn people’s heads away.A lot of people pick up the disc and go,’Limp Bizkit, they must suck.’ Those are the people that we don’t even want listening to our music.’

‘Rollin” (Air Raid Vehicle) is taken from the bands third studio Album ‘Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water’ from 2000. Also included on the Album is an alternative Hip-Hop version of the song called ‘Rollin’ (Urban Assault Vehicle,) which features DMX (1970-2021,) Method Man, and Redman. The song has been critically acclaimed by many publications, but not always so the songs lyrics. My advice is don’t look for any in-depth meaning, after all the American wrestler ‘The Undertaker’ used the song for his entrance in the ‘WWE.’

‘Throw your hands up, ladies and gentlemen. Chocolate Starfish, keep on rollin’ baby.’