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592-Manfred Mann-Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James.

1966-Number 2 single.

Best Bit-At 2.08. There is nothing boring about owning a suburban semi detached, actually it’s a great investment.

Manfred Mann were formed in London, England in 1962 as the ‘Mann-Hugg Blues Brothers’ by the keyboard player Manfred Lubowitz (Manfred Mann,) and Mike Hugg, who played the drums. They were soon joined by Mike Vickers (guitar,) Dave Richmond (bass,) and Paul Jones (vocals.) The group would become known as Manfred Mann in 1963, on the advice of the music producer John Burgess (1932-2014.) The band initially formed as a ‘Jazzy, Blues’, based music group, but found mainstream success when turning to ‘Pop,’ having chart success with many cover versions, but several of their early ‘EP’s,’ and ‘B’ sides would still be ‘R&B’ material that the band wrote themselves. Richmond left the group in 1964, and was replaced by Tom McGuinness, and in 1965 Jack Bruce (1943-2014) was a member for around a year, before going on to be co-founder of ‘Cream.’ In 1966 Klaus Voormann joined, as did the new lead singer Mike d’Abo, who replaced Paul Jones, who left for a solo career. The band were active through until 1969, releasing five studio Albums, and achieving 17 top 40 UK hits, which included three Number 1’s.

‘Semi-Detached Suburban Mr Jones’ was released as a non Album track, it was later added to the North American release of their fifth and final Album,’Mighty Garvey,’ from 1968. The song was co-written by Geoff Stephens (1934-2020,) and John Carter. Stephens wrote, or co-wrote numerous hits, including two UK Number 1 songs, ‘You Won’t Find Another Fool Like Me,’ for The New Seekers,’ and ‘Silver Lady’ for David Soul. John Carters best known songs include The Ivy League’s ‘Tossing and Turning,’ and The First Class”Beach Baby’ (see also best songs 1000.)

The lyrics to this song are told from the point of view of a lover spurned. He tries to convince his ex girlfriend that she would find life with the new man in her life Mr James tedious and boring, where as with him it would be excitement and adventure.

‘So you think you will be happy taking doggie for a walk, with your semi-detached suburban Mr James.