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593-The Sisters of Mercy-Lucretia My Reflection.

1988-Number 20 single.

Best Bit-At 1.28. To have a song written about you must be wonderful, but perhaps not so wonderful when you are being compared to Lucrezia Borgia.

The Sisters of Mercy were formed in Leeds in 1980 by Andrew Eldritch, and Gary Marx, the bands name was influenced by the Robert Aitman 1971 film,’McCabe & Mrs Miller, which featured the Leonard Cohen song ‘Sisters of Mercy.’ In total 20 band members have come and gone, with Eldritch being the bands one constant.

They have released only three studio Albums between 1985-1990, being only a touring band since then, with Eldritch reasoning that he can make more money on the road than in the studio. The band have made new music since 1990, and premier it while on stage. The Sisters of Mercy are often pigeon holed as a ‘Goth Rock’ band, but Eldritch laughs that off, insisting they are no part of the ‘Goth’ scene. There have been some very famous names who have been members of the group before moving on, including Tony James who before joining the band in 1989, had been a member of ‘Generation X’, and ‘Sigue Sigue Sputnik’ (see also best songs 163,) he stayed until 1991. Another ex member was Wayne Hussey between 1983-1985, who would go on to form ‘The Mission’ (see also best songs 1051 and 984.)

‘Lucretia My Reflection’ was written by Andrew Eldritch, and was the third single released from The Sisters of Mercy’s second studio Album ‘Floodland’ from 1987. The title of the song refers to Lucretia Borgia of the prominent Borgia family, of the Italian Renaissance,who were notorious for their ruthless political tactics, and alleged crimes.Eldritch wrote the song for band mate, and bass player Patricia Morrison, of whom Eldritch said, ā€˜She always strikes me as a Lucretia type person.ā€™ In 1996 Morrison by now a member of the Punk Rock band ‘The Damned’ married their lead singer David Vanian (see also best songs 273.)

ā€˜I hear the roar of a big machine, two worlds, and in between,hot metal, and methedrine, I hear empire down.ā€™