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596-Muddy Waters-Hoochie Coochie Man.

1954-Has never charted in the UK.

Best Bit-At 0.01. I could tell you what a ‘Hoochie Coochie’ is, but it’s probably better you don’t know, but I’ll tell you anyway.

‘Hoochie Coochie Man’ is a ‘Chicago Blues’ song written by Willie Dixon, and first recorded by Muddy Waters, it is considered one of the most important links between ‘Blues’ music, and the onset of ‘Rock N’ Roll,’ and eventually ‘Rock’ music. The lyrics deal with superstitions, and mysticism, that have been passed on down through the generations, with the narrator telling us that even before he was born, ‘A gypsy woman told my momma,’ that he was ‘Gonna make these pretty women jump and shout.’ The term ‘Hoochie Coochie’ was first used in the mid-to late 1800’s, to describe several provocative ‘belly dances.’ In America, specifically in African-American culture, a hoochie coochie refers to the genitals of a drunken woman, the phrase is derived from the term ‘hooch,’ which is a slang word for alcohol, while ‘coochie’ is a slang word for a woman’s genitals.

‘Hoochie Coochie Man’ was written by Willie Dixon who was born William James Dixon on July 1st, 1915, in Vicksburg, Mississippi, United States, he died on January 29th, 1992, primarily as a result of long term diabetes. He is recognised as an important link between the Blues, and Rock N’ Roll, working with Chuck Berry, and Bo Diddley in the late 1950’s. Dixon’s songs have been covered many times, and include ‘Little Red Rooster,’ which when covered by The Rolling Stones, was a UK Number 1 in 1964. Another song,’I Just Want to Make Love to You’ is probably best known for it’s Etta James version, and his song ‘You Need Love,’ was a big inspiration on Led Zeppelin (see also best songs 135.)

Muddy Waters was born McKinley Morganfield in Issaquena County, Mississippi, United States, there is debate about his actual date of birth, but it was probably April 4th, 1913, he died on April 30th, 1983 from heart failure. His mother died shortly after his birth, and he was brought up by his grandmother Della Grant, who gave him his nickname ‘Muddy’ at an early age because he loved to play in muddy waters,’Waters’ was added in later years. Both Muddy Waters, and Willie Dixon were both employees of the ‘Chess Records’ label, and Waters influence on future generations of musicians such as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and The Rolling Stones, is considered on a par with that of Dixon’s.’On the seventh hour, of the seventh day.

On the seventh month, the seventh doctor said,’He’s born for good luck, and I know you see.’ Got seven hundred dollars, and don’t you mess with me.’