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The 1000 best songs in the world ever

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The 1000 best songs in the world ever.
778-Tom Robinson-War Baby.
1983-Number 6 single.
Best Bit-At 1.08 Writing about his war appeared to bring him peace.
By 1982 Tom Robinson was massively in debt,particularly with the British Tax Authorities,he was ‘technically bankrupt’ and depressed so he went to stay with a friend in Hamburg,Germany.Robinson describes writing the song,whilst stoned after a bad experience at a gay sauna,he wrote ‘only the very young and the very beautiful can be so aloof’ and the rest of it poured out onto the page.The song has been described as being about his experiences of the divisions between East and West Germany,however,’as to what it’s all about’ says Robinson ‘i couldn’t tell you,i just wrote what sounded right.’

Video clip for Tom Robinson’s song War Baby, from the album Hope And Glory. Video clip directed by John Pearse. You can hear the whole album free at http://t…