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The 1000 best songs in the world ever

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The 1000 best songs in the world ever.
781-Ram Jam-Black Betty
1977-Number 7 single.
Best Bit-At 2.01 Is headbanging bad for you,? The answer of course is yes,your neck will hurt each time you throw your skull back.
The origin and meaning of the lyrics are open to subject.Historically the ‘Black Betty’ of the title may refer to the nickname given to a number of objects,a musket,a bottle of whiskey,a whip,or a penitentiary transfer wagon.One of the earliest recordings of the song was in 1939 by Blues artist Lead Belly who performed acappella with hand claps,most subsequent versions added guitar accompaniment

This one-hit wonder by rock band Ram Jam was nevertheless one of the biggest monster smash hits of 1977. Based on an old Lead Belly tune, this is the longer …