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The 1000 best songs in the world ever

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The 1000 best songs in the world ever.
851-The Animals-House Of The Rising Sun.
1964-Number1 single.
Best Bit-At 1.38 Alan Price’s relentless Organ part(played on a Vox Continental,for those who need to know about the technical bits)
The House Of The Rising Sun is a traditional Folk Song sometimes called Rising Sun Blues.Like many classic Folk ballads the song has uncertain authorship.There are several schools of thought to what the Rising Sun was but it was probably a place of gambling,drinking and prostitution in New Orleans around 1860.The oldest known recording of the song under the title Rising Sun Blues dates back to 1933 by Clarence Ashley and Gwen Foster.As a traditional Folk Song recorded by an electric Rock Band,The Animals version has been described as the first Folk Rock hit.

By José Antonio…. Because the original version of this video,…