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The 1000 best songs in the world ever

Posted by: In: Other 14 Sep 2017 Comments: 0

The 1000 best songs in the world ever.
954-Elvis Presley-Jailhouse Rock.
1958-Number 1 single.
Best Bit-At 0.01 that unmistakable intro you know instantly.
The writers of the song,Leiber and Stoller obviously had a lot of fun with this one.Number 47 said to Number 3 your the cutest jailbird i ever did see.Shifty Henry was a well known L.A musician,The Purple Gang were a real mob and Sad Sack was a US Army nickname in World War 2 for a loser.
Jailhouse Rock is the only song in UK chart history to have gone straight in at Number 1 twice,in 1958 and again when re-released in 2005.

Elvis Presley — Jailhouse Rock — Lyrics (Official)